It's been coming, the pundits say, ever since Gov. Phil Murphy won election in part on a promise to advocates for immigrants in the country illegally:

Immigrants here without authorization, sooner or later, are going to get New Jersey driver's licenses. Advocates say it can't happen soon enough. They're frustrated with a legislature that hasn't moved on its and the governor's promises, though there's talk of a vote during this year's lame-duck section.

Jim Gearhart's solidly against it he says in this week's episode of his weekly Facebook Live show and podcast.

Jim's made clear: He thinks demonizing immigrants here illegally is wrong. Many, he said, are smarter, kinder, more affable people than native-born Americans he's known for ages. But, he says in this week's show: You give an inch ...

Jim's concerned driver's licenses could normalize illegal immigration a step further. And then what? Voting's no trivial right to award — even immigrants here legally can't do that — but Jim worries about what happens when people who are breaking the law by being here get treated more and more as just another part of American society.

And he's not expecting you to do anything about it.

"One thing that the political structure depends on is that people will not do anything. They'll gripe," Jim says.

He's seen pictures of big pro-immigrant demonstrations in Trenton. He doesn't remember seeing much opposition meeting it.

"t's difficult to get as worked up as I used to, or get apoplectic about these things," Jim says. "it's the apathy if you want to call it that."

And he understands where it comes from: "The average person out there in New Jersey is either working a couple of jobs, or working one and looking for the other two, or tied up with taxes."

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