When you think of New Jersey, some of the obvious stereotypes come to mind: Big hair, smelly towns, Snooki, blah blah blah, you know the drill.

But forget tomatoes being SO Jersey, or The Sopranos bring SO Jersey. Our listeners exemplify what's great (and not so great) about the Great Garden State. So, since our NJ 101.5 listeners are REALLY what Jersey is all about, we thought we'd ask them to finish this sentence:
"I'M SO NEW JERSEY THAT_________________"

Here are some of our favorite answers:

.... My hair hits the top of doorways.
.... I yell at people in Church to hurry up when the line is too slow at communion.
.... My property taxes are higher than my mortgage.
.... I have no idea how to pump my own gas.
.... I can only make left turns from the right lane.
.... I don't think it's weird to eat a tomato sandwich.
.... I bring an interpreter to the gas station and the convenience store.
.... I think our state song is "Born to Run".
.... I don't go to the beach. I go Down The Shore.
.... I make my 3 year old show her badge before she can play in the sandbox.
.... I give MYSELF the finger!!
.... I know that the speed limit is really 15 mph over what the sign says.
.... I think NEW YORK politicians are the honest ones.
.... I thought "The Sopranos" was a documentary.
.... I listen to NJ 101.5 no matter how dumb the topic is.
.... Fuhgeddaboudit.

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