Thursday morning was unusually active for "left lane d---s" on the way in to work on Rt. 295. Not just people who like to hang out in the left lane, blocking the flow of traffic in all three lanes, but the kind of idiot who speeds up when you try to pass them on the right.

That's my number one pet peeve about driving in New Jersey. They seem to be more active in the morning commute that the afternoon drive home. Can't seem to figure out why. We asked the listeners for the things that bother them the most. Here are the top ten.

1. Rubbernecking - Don't gawk or take video, just drive!

2. Doing random things (other than driving) - Reading, texting and other "personal things."

3. Not using a blinker at an intersection until the light changes - Infuriating!

4. Cutting in line at an exit - Sometimes it can't be avoided. Oops!

5. Leaving your high beams on - Blinding and inconsiderate!

6. Stopping past the white line at intersections - This is especially bad when making a left in front of these idiots!

7. Letting someone into traffic that doesn't have the right of way - It's nice to be nice, but don't be stupid! This causes accidents every day!

8. Not waiting your turn at a four way stop - Just rude.

9. Weaving in & out of traffic - Dangerous, but most likely caused by the next offender.

10. Staying in the left lane - It's stupid. It's inconsiderate. And it's illegal! (MY PERSONAL #1 COMPLAINT!!!)

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