I was scheduled to go see my daughter back in early April, but of course with the shutdowns, the trip was rescheduled.

Friday morning I will travel to Dallas, Texas to spend the weekend with my wonderful daughter, Marissa. She has made me an appointment at a local barber shop, since I look like a country singer from the '80s, having gone since March without a haircut.

It will be in the upper 80s there, so she's taking me to her pool downstairs, since every apartment complex there has a nice pool. Then we go to a local legendary BBQ joint for some brisket or pulled pork. Sounds like 'Merica' to me!

Dennis Malloy photo
Dennis Malloy photo

You'd have to go back in time or sometime waaaaay in the future to do those things here. But you know those crazy Texans, "ignorin' science en all, just a livin life like nuthin wus rawng."

There is a lot wrong in many parts of the country, including here. The government bungled it from the beginning and oue governor keeps tripping over his %#$@ trying to make sure he doesn't make things worse. I'll be going from a "safety first" zone to a "freedom first" zone in a little more than three hours. Some might say, "then why don't you just move there?!" Most of my family is here, my life is here and I love it here, no matter which governor does his or her best to drive more people like me out of here.

See y'all next week.

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