It is April, which means that the summer season will be here before you know it. The time is going to fly by fast as we prepare.

So I thought I would take this time to address a possible rule change that was being discussed at the end of the 2020 summer season: an umbrella ban.

Over the years, there have been multiple accidents that have occurred because peoples' umbrellas have not been secured properly.

Umbrellas have gone flying and people have been sent to the hospital.

So there was actually talk that umbrellas would possibly be banned from being used our beaches.

HUGE MISTAKE — and I will tell you why.

There are A LOT of people — including me — who rely on those umbrellas to give them a break from the sun.

To be sitting in straight up heat and UV rays for hours on end can be a lot for anyone.

But if you eliminate the umbrellas as an option, people will either spend much less time at the beach, skip the beach trip altogether or even skip their trip to the Jersey Shore because, let's face it, people come to go to the beach.

Think about it: when you go with a group, schlepping all of the chairs, towels, food, drinks and who knows what else can be a pain in the butt. But you do it so you can spend THE DAY at the beach.

Ten to 20 minutes of labor isn't bad when you have eight hours of fun.

What is the point of having two lifeguards every 100 feet if there aren't enough swimmers to keep an eye on? Their jobs could definitely be at risk or their hours could be cut at the very minimum.

People with sensitive skin will think it is not worth the extremely painful sunburn.

If a few people can't hit the beach, this will deter full groups from going because a lot of people go to the beach to spend time together.

This means beach badge sales will go way down and we all know just how much we rely on that revenue to keep the Jersey Shore beautiful and up to par.

And at the very extreme, there will be people who decide to hold off on spending the money to come to the Jersey Shore.

We are a summer destination: beaches, boardwalks, etc., are the major appeal. But umbrellas will make it unbearable for some so you know people will say, "Why am I going to spend $2K on a house near the beach if I can't go to the beach?"

Keep the umbrellas. PLEASE.

The livelihood of the Jersey Shore depends on it.

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