At the Spadea household, we have continued to entertain friends and family for the past several months ignoring the absurd directives from government bureaucrats and politicians. No one sick. No one dead. And I've been traveling, entertaining people from other states AND going to hot yoga four times a week.

Think about that for a minute. If I were listening to all the propaganda, I should be dead, at the very least struggling in the hospital with a ventilator. But I'm healthy. And my family is healthy. Thank God for that, because it is flu season and I remember the fear my wife and I shared in 2009 when our son got swine flu. He was thankfully OK.

All of us will deal with friends and family members who get sick. Sadly some will pass. But know this, you can't stop a virus. All you can do is accept that it's your responsibility to eat healthy and stay fit. Take your meds if you have a condition requiring it. And then go about your life. We have friends who have had coronavirus. Mild cold, loss of taste for a few weeks. Not pleasant, but certainly not deadly. And of course the real stats bear this out, under the age of 50, 99.98% chance of survival.

Half the people we know who have had it were isolated at home, wiping down delivery bags from the supermarket. Still, they got sick. Some have been out and about and yes, they got sick. Have you ever lived through ANY flu season that you or someone you know DIDN'T get sick? Of course not. Considering that flu seasons going back 10  years have seen 60,000+ dead and as many as 800,000 hospitalized each year, this is not all that different.

Other than panicky politicians and irresponsible reporters. We are living through a political pandemic fueled by a media fascination with fear-mongering for clicks. Videos and pictures of a scary looking spiky red virus ready to kill you at any moment. You have to stand up and resist this assault on reason and common sense.

For us, we go a step further. For the past 10 years dinner guests at our home share a common salt bowl. Because we are not afraid of each other. If you have half of a functioning immune system then you're gonna be just fine. Remember just a few years ago medical science was lamenting the fact that we were too sterile? People need to eat more dirt as kids? Less hand sanitizer and more normal behavior. Exposure to bacteria and viruses is normal and most people will fight them off without so much as a sniffle. We had better get back to that fast or we're in for a rough next couple years. For us? Pass the salt!

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