Once again, American business has to suffer at the hands of political correctness. And one would think that Starbucks was powerful enough to not have to capitulate to the demands of an ever oversensitive public. When two men were arrested at a Pennsylvania Starbucks for trying to use the store bathroom without making a purchase, there was such a flap about it that Starbucks felt compelled to close their stores for a day of “sensitivity re-training” or some such nonsense. I thought this was overkill. But even more ludicrous is their new policy in light of the controversy that says you don’t have to buy anything to hang out in their cafés or to use the bathroom there!

I’m wondering why Starbucks just doesn’t say “Why, you don’t have to purchase anything at all to drink in our establishment! Everything is free. Just screw the barista, pull up an espresso machine and make your own drink!! We apologize if we may have offended you if we ask you to pay!” Next thing you know there will be homeless people sleeping all over the chairs and benches at Starbucks. And that’ll be just fine for them, apparently. It appears that’s what’s coming next for American business. Until somebody stronger than Starbucks — a company with actual balls and integrity like Chick-fil-A for example, stands up and says enough is enough! We are on a slippery slope to the end of capitalism altogether. And really, isn’t that their point?

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