The new normal just got some new rules, and there’s nothing normal about them. I feel terrible for couples who were getting married this year. The pandemic has changed everything.

Gov. Phil Murphy just announced an indoor gathering can now go from 100 people to 150 (or 25% of capacity, whichever is smaller).

Yes you read that read. Smaller. So the most you could have would be 150. A small wedding by many standards. All groups of guests will be required to keep six feet apart. Guests will be made to wear masks whenever they are not seated.

So let’s just point out two of the many ways complying with the rules will ruin your wedding. First, how will you have dancing? People at weddings have fun dancing with everyone and anyone. Not just with the people from their own tables. If six foot distance is required at all times this means barely any dancing. This will make for an awkward, terrible wedding reception. Next, a huge thing about weddings is getting to dress up. Can you imagine spending money on a new dress, new shoes, jewelry, or guys a sharp new suit, then being told whenever you stand up from the table, go to the bar, go talk to your cousin at table 5 (from a distance of six feet away mind you), go onto that awkwardly empty dance floor, you have to completely detract from how nice you look with a face mask?

Complying with these rules will surely make for a day to forget, not a day to remember. Are these baby steps back to normal good? Sure. It’s in the right direction. Is your wedding going to suck? Yes.

Now I’m not suggesting you hold a wedding reception and violate the rules. No, my point is why would you hold one at all if this is the way it has to be? Just my opinion, but it doesn’t seem worth the expense of a New Jersey wedding with all these restrictions. I would just hold off. Or elope and save a ton of cash.

COVID-19 has not only crushed our economy, it’s decimated romance and fun for good measure. A New Jersey wedding under these conditions? I’d give it a hard pass.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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