put out a list of half a dozen things that are harmful to cats. They are as follows.

  1. Garlic and onions, they can damage red blood cells. What cat would want to eat this?
  2. Raw eggs, they can cause pancreatitis and expose the cat to salmonella. No Rocky music for you!
  3. Bones, leave those for the dog, because they can make your cat choke and cause an intestinal obstruction.
  4. Fat trimmings, see pancreatitis again.
  5. Caffeinated drinks, because it can mess with your cat's heart, and your cat looks stupid drinking espresso anyway.
  6. Milk, because - WAIT, WHAT?!?!? Yes, milk, because once a cat reaches adulthood their digestive tract is somewhat lactose intolerant. Now I've heard everything.

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