Despite all the people who are leaving New Jersey for various reasons Jersey City continues to grow and attract people. It's a shame that with all our state has to offer that cost of living is forcing so many to move to places that they never intended to be in the first place. But what if they could stay? Let's play "fantasy Jersey."

If you move to any city in New Jersey and it wouldn't cost you anymore that you're spending now, where would you go? Here are some of the answers I received:

  • Edwin Donis Lewis — Camden because it’s right across the river from Philadelphia.
  • Abbe Nelson — Southampton, a hidden gem.
  • Gail Morrone— Back home to Union City.
  • Bradley— Spent most of my life in Ocean City. As far as Jersey goes- nowhere better.
  • Annette Georgios— Whiting.
  • Jan J. Aruffo— For me, it would probably be Wildwood. My favorite beach resort.
  • Linda Lee Lucas Huston — Lambertville is on the horizon for us within the next couple of years.
  • Chris Swendeman— Colts Neck or Rumson.
  • Gary J. Spatola— Haddonfield, New Jersey...for too many reasons to list.
  • Gene Ingram Jr. — Cape May love the homes, history and beach all wrapped up in one wonderful town!

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