Apparently a major crime wave is happening at a Franklin Borough beach. Police had to race to the scene yesterday because a 2 year old was hungry. No, not hungry in the sense that the child was starving due to neglect and had to be rescued by child services. Instead this was some mother who actually had the nerve to breastfeed her child because the child was hungry. Murder, rape and breastfeeding. How do these sickos exist, right?

Unbelievable overreaction by some snob who had the audacity to call police to report a woman simply breastfeeding her child in public. What is wrong with people?! I was surprised to see they even sent an officer to the scene. Then I thought about it. It could well be that the complainant didn't explain it as a situation of breastfeeding but perhaps public lewdness.

Once the officer arrived the mother said he was very polite and completely sided with her. He defended her breastfeeding as her legal right. Which it is. Good for him.

Now perhaps it was the simple act of breastfeeding that had someone so upset. Or could it have been the age of the child? Most women don't continue breastfeeding to such an age as 2, and this child is actually 2 and a half. However the World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months with breastfeeding continuing along with appropriate foods up to 2 years of age or beyond. Just because most moms in the United States don't do it that long, and it may seem odd to some, doesn't mean the World Health Organization is wrong. It also doesn't mean this mother was wrong.

If you have a problem with public breastfeeding, even of older children, how about you put on your big kid pants and just not look?

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