Garry Cobb played tight end in the National Football League through the 1980's. Traded to the Philadelphia Eagles for fan favorite, and certainly one of my favorite players growing up in South Jersey, Wilbert Montgomery. Garry came to Philly and performed.

Meeting Gary at the third annual car show to benefit Veterans at Parx Casino over the weekend, I was truly impressed with Garry's grounded, friendly and thoughtful demeanor. So many former stars, either pro-sports or Hollywood, have attitudes and egos and you're better off not knowing them personally. But not Garry. This guy gets it. He understands that politics don't belong on the field at all.

We talked about everything from respecting the Office of the President to kneeling players and the real crisis facing families and young people in the black community today. Garry is a problem solver, he's not a complainer. He's a man who believes that we need to do a better job communicating to young people including young millionaire football players.

So yes, I get annoyed at the protestors and the haters, but now that I know the Eagles have leaders like Garry Cobb on the case spreading a positive message to young people and players, it's possible I'll be back watching football again.

He did agree to join me for a longer conversation on my #SpeakingPodcast so stay tuned and I'll have it scheduled within the next two weeks.

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