Many people work the same job for years and even decades and dream about doing something else, but it's hard to think about how you could cut loose from the corporate grip of a steady paycheck, health care, and the 401k, right?

That's exactly what one New Jersey native did a few short years ago. Leila is the new owner of Barista's Coffee House in Linwood, Atlantic County.

She spent 22 years in the corporate grind working in the banking industry. Then she decided to embrace her entrepreneurial spirit and buy the place where she stopped often to grab a cup of Jo.

As she told me when I stopped in for a cappuccino, she loves people, food, and coffee. Why not turn that into a successful career? And that's exactly what she did.

Small businesses like Barista's Coffee House in Linwood are the backbone of our economy. Not only do they create jobs in our communities, they also allow people to get to know their neighbors.

It's common sense that we need political leaders in Trenton who value small businesses. We need policies to reduce the tax and regulatory burden and improve programs like NJ-BAIT by lowering rates to empower small businesses to grow and continue hiring.

Lowering the tax burden on small businesses will increase revenue in Trenton through economic development and growth.

Thank you to Leila for welcoming us with open arms. Stop in and grab a cup of coffee if you’re in the area. You won’t be disappointed!

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