Tank top? Maybe. Wife-beater? Ugh. Muscle shirt? Depends on who's wearing it.

Jeff Edelstein can't quite bring himself to the point of racial insensitivity he'd need to spit out "guinea tee" ("wife-beater" was bad enough), but that's yet another popular-if-problematic name for a shirt seen often (all too often?) here in Jersey.

"I'm not Italian. I'm not saying it. I'm Jewish," Jeff tells us. "If it was called the Jewie tee, I'd say it. But I'm not Italian. I'm not going to say G... G... — the point is, we need a new name."

So Jeff took to the streets of New Jersey to find one. Can we finally decide once and for all what to call sleeveless undershirts? Other than "a bad fashion choice for Jeff?"

"All I know is they are damn sexy," Jeff says. Decide if you agree above.

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