Jim Gearhart has what he calls "an observation amounting to a conviction." Perhaps it's one you've experienced yourself:

"The goal of the healthcare people is to separate suffering people from their money," Jim says in the latest installment of the Jim Gearhart Show podcast, a vailable here as well on iTunes and Google Play.

You don't just got to see a doctor. You see a doctor who's part of a system. And that system is part of a larger system. And that larger system is part of a corporation.

"And when the corporation takes over, humanity goes out the window, because it's all profit and money — and the doctor is kind of caught in the middle of that," Jim says.

One doctor even told him point blank: "It's not about the patient and the patient's health — it's about creating volume."

And that just gets Jim started in the latest edition of the Jim Gearhart show. Check out the full episode to hear the rest. And Email Jim at Jim@NJ1015.com.

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