A man on Van Arsdale Place in Teaneck was having his front yard excavated Wednesday afternoon when something a bit creepy happened. He found out he’d been living in a home where parts of a human skull and several human bones had been inside his front yard.

The police department’s phone began ringing about 3 pm with a call I’m sure this resident never thought he’d be making. According to NorthJersey.com, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office issued a statement on the incident saying the state anthropologist studied the bones and confirmed they were human. While the rest of the property was being checked no foul play was suspected on the part of the homeowners. The bones are said to be old but just how old isn’t known.

Ever wonder what could be in your yard? If fossils and dinosaur bones are occasionally found we shouldn’t be shocked if ancient human remains are too. How many family pets might be two feet deep in your backyard from all the last owners?

As was said in This Is Spinal Tap, perhaps...best left.

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