U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez is clearly in trouble.

Poll after poll is showing that the incumbent senior senator from New Jersey has an albatross of corruption allegations firmly around his neck, including a formal admonishment from the U.S. Senate.

His best friend is going to prison for 17 years — a friend whom the senator is accused of bending over backwards to try to help using his influence. 

At the outset of the Menendez re-election campaign — amidst a corruption trial that would end in a mistrial — many of us were not sure if New Jersey voters would care about the corruption back story. Well, it turns out they do. Seems more and more NJ voters are tired of corrupt politicians and they are letting the senator know it, at least as far as some recent polls are concerned. 

The question is: Will NJ Democrats turn to the dirty tricks of nasty campaigning, or will they pull out all the stops and replace Menendez before it's too late? They've done it before. When U.S. Sen Bob Torricelli got into trouble with corruption allegations, GOP candidate Doug Forrester was all but a shoe-in. Then, Democrats pulled off the switch.  After replacing The Torch on the ballot with former U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg, he cruised to a win. Who would they replace Menendez with? Murphy's wife? Congressman Frank Pallone?

Either way, the race is beginning to shape up to show signs of history in the making.  Bob Hugin is running a positive, pro-business, pro-taxpayer campaign. He's drawing from his successful experience as the head of one of the largest drug companies in the country credited with life-saving cancer treatments. He's also a former U.S. Marine and a very down-to-earth guy. He's also not plagued by allegations of corruption and bribery, so that helps. His message is simple. People deserve better than Bob Menendez, who has spent a lifetime in the public sector.

Hugin joined me Monday morning and was a straight-talking as any politician you've ever heard. He dove into the Kavanaugh discussion, talked about political corruption and the thinks that he wants to do for New Jerseyans even before taking the oath of office should he win in November.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind.

A vote for Hugin is a vote for President Trump's next SCOTUS nominee if a seat opens up in the next 2-6 years.

A vote for Hugin is a vote for true tax fairness, American jobs for Americans and more respect for the voters and Senate office. Bob Hugin has made his money leading the way in the private sector that has literally saved lives. He doesn't need the money that Bob Menendez seemed to crave from alleged influence peddling. He's a former U.S. Marine whose sons are also faithfully serving their country. He's a patriot who is committed to giving back to his community and country by serving us in the U.S. Senate.

If you're a MAGA supporter, don't be fooled by voting for a third party/independent candidate. There's a legitimate shot at beating Menendez and making history. If the GOP doesn't maintain the majority, the rest of the president's term will be a battle for every scrap. Look how difficult it is to confirm a new justice — and the GOP has the majority!

If you are a supporter of the State of Israel, as I am, don't be fooled by Bob Menendez's carefully planned speeches and convenient, donor-friendly pushback to President Obama on the Iran deal. This is a guy who will seemingly do whatever it takes to avoid future prosecution and win re-election.

We need a true believer who will stand up for Israel and the principles of tax fairness, job creation and national defense. Hugin gets it and has the ability to deliver for us. It's time to retire Bob Menendez. Let's win one for all of New Jersey, not just the connected elite-insiders who benefit from six more years of the same.

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