Robert Menendez (Democrat) and Bob Hugin (Republican) are not the only two candidates to represent New Jersey in the US Senate; there are at least six other people running.

One is a familiar name to New Jersey voters: Murray Sabrin; Sabrin ran for governor in 1997 and, according to he was the first third party candidate to qualify for matching funds (we had him on our show more than once that year); Sabrin also ran for the US Senate in 2008 and 2014. Sabrin is a libertarian who would like to “…cut taxes, cut spending, and bring the military home.” His full time job is as a professor at Ramapo College.

Madelyn Hoffman is the Green Party candidate; she also is a veteran of political races, having run as Ralph Nader’s vice presidential candidate (in New Jersey), as well as for governor in 1997 and for the House of Representatives in 1998. NJ Spotlight describes her as a peace activist, environmental advocate, and a fighter for social justice.

Tricia Flanagan is described as an independent conservative who is making her first run for political office. She doesn’t think Bob Hugin is conservative enough and her primary goal is to get rid of Bob Menendez, “the most corrupt US Senator is our country’s history”.

Kevin Kimple is also making his first run at political office; he wants to restore the leadership he feels the country is lacking. According to his campaign’s website, he was born and raised in New Jersey, graduating from Madison High and the University of West Virginia. He is for tightening our borders, is pro-choice on abortion, and is against term limits.

Hank Schroeder is making his fifth run at elective office; he has run for the US House of Representatives, state senate, governor, and the US Senate. According to, he is running as the Economic Growth candidate and seeks to break the grip of the two party system while providing economic support for 99% of the people.

Rounding out the list is Natalie Lynn Rivera. She is running on the For the People party according to She is from Sicklerville and is the mother of six.

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