Colonel Mustard with Mr. Green in the library!

If a phrase like this rings a bell and you were a fan of the board game Clue, then you might want to know how you can play Clue in real life. On the streets of Jersey City.

It's happening June 1st through an app called CluedUpp. Jersey City will become the fictional town of Millingham. Groups of adults anywhere from two to six player teams will compete against each other trying to solve a mystery. I guess this is sort of a Clue version of Pokemon Go?

The game will run anywhere from one hour to four hours and if you want in it will cost $46 per team. Tickets can be purchased on the CluedUpp site.

Now even if you don't figure out first that it was Mrs. Peacock in the kitchen with Professor Plum you can still win in other categories. Such as best-dressed team wearing 1920's gumshoe clothing, best team name, best kid detective, etc. Prizes will be given.

Confession: I've never once played Clue, so I guess you could call me clueless on CluedUpp.

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