A number of communities around New Jersey are trying to help high school seniors feel a little better about a year that ended on a sour note. It's devastating for kids who put all that time into going to school and have it all end with none of the joy and celebration that usually comes with it. In many cases the parents are taking it even harder than some of the kids, because as parents we all want to see our kids happy and fulfilled. So lots of parents and caring people in towns all over the state have gotten together on Facebook groups in their towns and districts to try and do something about it.

They're putting together "swag bags" for the kids in an effort to bring back a little joy in an otherwise disappointing end to senior year. In doing so, it gives all of us a chance to pay it forward and let these young people know we care. Here is just one example from Triton High Regional High School in Runnemede, which serves Bellmawr, Gloucester Township and Runnemede in Camden County. If you're interested in helping, you can probably find one in your area. The class of 2020 in New Jersey will be remembered for the great disappointment of the lockdown, and hopefully your kindness and generosity as well.

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