Who doesn't like a good cheesesteak? Well, vegetarians for one.

Also, if you're on a keto diet like my son, you miss the cheesesteak, but you can still have one.

So, what I do for him and his wife when they come over is make one without the roll. Use a frying pepper as the vessel. They're also called Cubanelle peppers. I actually like these better than the cheesesteak on a roll.

You can't always get the perfect roll for the sandwich and the taste of this pepper goes great with the steak and cheese. It's thinner than a bell and has a better taste when grilled or sautéed. Very easy and a crowd pleaser an appetizer or a meal. You can cover with a good jar tomato sauce and serve with a side of your favorite pasta.

How to make cheesesteak stuffed peppers

This a simple, easy and less guilty way of enjoying the awesome taste of a cheesesteak. You're Welcome!

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