Someone gave me a bottle of Faretti biscotti liqueur a while back, but all I have left is the shot glass that came with the gift. While using it the other day, and noticing the label, I remembered it was quite good. So, I looked it up on my phone and sure enough a couple of liquor stores near me popped up that sold the stuff.

I picked some up for around the holidays and looked up some uses for it other than a straight shot. Although it is amazing in coffee, I thought I'd see what else you could make with it. Viola! I found a chocolate cannoli martini. After a brief experiment, I thought I'd try one without the chocolate. I like my cannolis plain. Bingo! Equal parts Faretti liqueur and milk. Easy, simple and absolutely delicious.

How to make a cannoli martini

I can't for the life of me remember who gave me that gift box of Faretti, but THANK YOU whoever it was!!!

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