With all of the talk about gender and bathrooms, I never really was up close and personal with the quandary. Since I'm a girl, having all the necessary parts and all, I just look for the "W" or the dress wearing silhouetted lady on the door, breeze in, do my business, and breeze out.

At a Broadway show recently, I popped into the line at the ladies room and noticed a very manly looking lady a couple spots in front of me. I thought, "wow! I'm gonna finally see the gender neutral bathroom in action!" Then, I saw the sign. I pondered it a minute. I said, after reading it, "Okay. I'm in the right line, and I guess this guy/chick is also!"

We were BOTH right. This bathroom was definitely fitting my gender "expression." I never heard it quite phrased that way so I had to think a minute. This is probably the first time I ever had to put thought into something as basic as using the restroom.

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