Another day in NJ, another law. Another hearing where the opposition to what the political elite want gets ignored and bullied into silence. That of course until one courageous medical doctor decided enough was enough. Dr. Yosef Glassman sued the state over the new doc-assisted suicide law that the Senate rammed through and the Governor signed.

The suit was brought because, in typical fashion, the State of NJ did not provide any substantive guidelines for doctors who would not only be charged with prescribing a ‘death cocktail,’ but even if they object to the practice, they must refer the patient to a doctor who will. This is an affront to anyone who harbors deep religious beliefs and anyone who knows how Senate President Steve Sweeney tried to bury the truth about the dangers of assisted suicide. He literally swapped out ‘no’ votes for 'yes' votes in order to ram thru the bill.

There was no discussion from the proponents about the process, the dangers and the results reported from nations where the practice is legal. Patients suffering, having seizures, the number of times a doctor had to interview and those that hung on to life suffering for days after taking the deadly concoction of pills.

New Jersey Right-to-Life Executive Director Marie Tasy joined me Monday in order to discuss the lawsuit that has held up the law in NJ and who joined the suit to hopefully get justice for patients who deserve better than a special-interest inspired law that puts patients and doctors at risk. This is a dangerous policy, which preys on the most vulnerable in our society and their families. It’s gotta be repealed.

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