Governor Murphy will soon sign the "Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Act," which was approved by the state Senate 21-16 and the Assembly 41-33 on Monday. The arguments both for and against have been weighing in. Put me down as for it.

Personally, I could never take my own life. Like Eric Burdon says, "It's your life and you do what you want," including the ending. I can't ever imagine being in such pain that I'd want to end it but I also couldn't be upset with someone who is provided of course they are of sound mind. If you've made peace with yourself and your God, if you believe in one, and have met the criteria of the law and you have a doctor willing to do it, then you should be allowed to end your suffering.

As for the doctor, I imagine this has to take quite an emotional toll especially since they take a Hippocratic Oath to preserve life. I really don't see physicians going into the "end life" business. If anything they would be trying everything to keep a patient alive. There's more money in it. I would hope before they do consent to assist that they would check on every possibility for a cure, clinical studies, experimental drugs etc. to provide other options than the final one.

By the same token, you could wonder, "what if the doctor's wrong?" Well, then the patient would need to get a second opinion. In the end, it's up to them. This is a situation where people will try to impose their own will and beliefs on the situation, but it's not about them, it's about the person making the most important decision of their lives. The one that could end their life. Here's hoping you're never put in that position.

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