If the current sexual assault allegations and scandal were about a member of the opposite political party, Murphy would have been all over it. Since it happened under his nose and within his own party, he's been MIA until this week.

If you're not caught up: State official Katie Brennan says another state official, Alberto Alvarez, sexually assaulted her when they were both working on the Murphy campaign. And now there are lots of open questions about what Murphy and his staff knew, and when — and if she never got justice because they looked the other way.

If this had been in the Christie administration, or any Republican governor for that matter, the national media would be all over it. Just look at the coverage they gave to a traffic jam at a bridge.

Powerful Democrats like Murphy feel somewhat safe and insulated when it comes to certain scandals when it happens with their own party because the media usually gives them good cover. Maybe the governor didn't act on this sooner because he thought the accuser was "one of us" and wouldn't dare go to the media. She was a campaign volunteer and a current member of the administration. Maybe she went to what is considered a right-leaning publication like the Wall Street Journal because most of the rest of the media wouldn't want to touch it.

They're allied with the Democrats, who seem to be deeply interested in women when a Republican is the villain. Maybe Murphy hired a few guys who were not on the up and up because he was more interested in populating his administration with a diverse ethnic, racial and gender makeup than making sure they were the right people for the job. Maybe Murphy and Democrats in power are more interested in gaining and keeping power than they are about the people they claim to care about. Maybe they use these people to make sure they gain and keep that power.

Ya think?!

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