Remember the Seinfeld episode when Poppy didn’t wash his hands after coming out of the bathroom?  He wasn’t alone.


A new study of 3700 people will surprise you. According to the study, about one third didn’t use soap, and ten per cent don’t bother washing at all.


Think about this the next time you shake hands, Fifteen percent didn’t bother washing their hands, period, as opposed to the 7% of women who didn’t. Among men who did wash their hands, only half used soap – a far cry from the 78% of hygienic women who did.

One of the biggest problem I have taking my 6 year old boys to the bathroom is explaining to them that they have to wash their hands yet they can’t touch anything!


Flickr User Marshall Astor - Food Detishist

I’ll give you a little tip for the future, if you ever see a guy who doesn’t walk directly to the sink after business, he’s only washing his hands for your benefit and beware of shaking hands in the future!  How much do you trust that the people you shake hands with have washed their hands? Would you prefer the fist bump?