It’s not often that you get to get a freak taste of summer smack in the middle of the winter, but obviously that’s what happened to us yesterday at the Jersey Shore.

I live close to the beach, so of course I was going to take advantage of it no matter what. But luckily enough, my daughter was in town so I was able to share it with her and my baby grandson.

Pier Village beach was packed with everyone else who was eager to pretend that it was late June, including plenty of Monmouth University students sunbathing, throwing around the football, and just generally goofing off.

It was my grandson Gabe’s first time in the sand, and you know how that is. Either shock the first time they feel that strange sensation beneath their toes followed by amazement as they inspect the tiny little grains. But alas after an hour of paradise, a cold wind blew in so shockingly and so suddenly that every college kid sat up on their blankets and looked around like “WTF was that?”

Turns out it was an extreme an immediate wind shift in one narrow band that caused the drastic and immediate temperature change. A mass exodus ensued and that was the end of that.

Bye bye June. Hello February. Ahh but what a vacation it was.

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