Never Forget! On the 18th anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001 there will be several memorials throughout New Jersey. Among them is Middletown, which will remember the 37 residents who lost their lives on that fateful day.

We in New Jersey each deal with 9/11 in our own way. Here are some of the answers I got when I asked how you're dealing with Sept 11. I can't believe it's been 18 years and it still seems like yesterday.

Butch Budai - "Each year on September 11th since 2002 my wife and I have traveled to the NJ Empty Sky 9/11 Memorial in Jersey City to view the Tribute Lights. It’s grown each year, This year we will have over 50 motorcycles going. We meet at Harold’s Deli in Edison at 6pm. Depart there at 7pm. All are welcome."

John J Ruppert:

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Tim Devine - "I was in police academy when September 11 happened. I honor the fallen police and firefighters and EMTs every day as part of who I am."

Monica Bansky - "There are fewer and fewer events planned every year. I don’t know of anything in my area and if there is it is poorly advertised."

CJ Brown - "Not inviting the taliban here for a PHOTO op and destroying peace talks."

Lee Smith - "There is a volunteer military cemetery clean up in Washington Crossing."

Francie Trout - "Sitting on the beach, probably crying. I never felt the way I felt on 9/11 in my life and I hope to never feel that way again."

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