They say every dog has his day and the dogs have somehow gotten the world to name yesterday "No Panty Day." For real! How did this come to be? One theory, according to Sam Maddy PhD Psychoanalytic's on

"No panty day is a participatory holiday which is celebrated on first Friday in June. The idea was to have people pass their day not wearing pants or trousers. It is challenging for the people involved to act as if there is nothing wrong about not wearing pants in public. The feeling of liberation by breaking the social taboo getting attention of people who are unaware of the event make the event fun for the people who take part in it."

Whatever the reason, it's all over Twitter.

As a guy, unlike Kramer who's "out there," I need something there. You never know, I could be walking down the street and someone hits a ground ball that I need to field, or something drops at a place that will cause two other things to drop that could be quite painful, so I need protection.

Some women on the other hand, who wear tight pants, don't like the panty lines and bypass the panties altogether. I can definitely see their point. Why would you want to spend all that money looking good, only to have the whole look ruined by a nasty panty line? Damn those panty lines! If only there were a day, when we could put panties aside and just go for the look? Who knows, if we can agree on putting panties aside, what else we could agree on?  National "No Panty Day" could actually be the start of peace in our time!

So how is New Jersey celebrating "National No Panty Day"? Like this:

How Jersey celebrated national No Panty Day

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