This is not an ad for any weight loss program or diet product. I am just sharing with you how I lost a decent amount of weight in just a few months so that you might be able to take better care of yourself if you think you need to lose weight.

Last year my daughter lost almost 35 pounds over the course of about eight months. She is in her late 20s and a very active person, running marathons and doing various crazy workouts. She also likes to eat out and go for an occasional drink because, like I mentioned, she’s in her 20s!

She told me about the weight-loss program she was using and urged me to try it since she thought I would like it. I had told Judi about it and Judi tried it and thought I would like it, too. She also knew I’ve been wanting to lose weight for years now.

I always thought that I ate a pretty good diet and tried to keep an eye on my intake and stay fairly active. But I’ve never really been on a diet or weight loss program. I had also never fainted in my life but about two weeks ago I nearly passed out while driving on a country road.

I pulled over and collected myself and then continued for the remaining five-minute drive to my house. A member of the family is a nurse who had a blood pressure cuff and when she took my blood pressure it was way too low. Probably the reason I almost passed out while driving. She told me I probably should stop taking the blood pressure medication that I was on and call my doctor as soon as I could.

After stopping the medication, I took my blood pressure every day and it was at normal levels. Later that week I went to the doctor who took my blood pressure and gave me the good news.

“Throw your medicine away, you’re good to go.”

In losing 23 pounds, I no longer needed the blood pressure medication that I had been on for three years, which was the best news I’ve gotten in a while.

The program that I’m on claims to use “psychology" to help you deal with your eating habits. All I know is that I have to count my calories and have learned which foods I can eat more of and which foods I should eat less of. In doing so I was able to lose the weight.

It’s a simple app anybody can download on their phone. It’s called Noom. Of course, consult your doctor and this is in no way advice on how you could lose weight, just reporting how I did it for myself. Good luck!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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