I’m not above a corny “it’s so hot!/how hot is it???” joke anytime the temperatures rise into the 90s here in New Jersey: “It’s so hot that I saw a squirrel pick up a nut with pot holders!!!”

“It’s so hot that I’m using Celsius instead of Fahrenheit just to have a lower number!!!”

So in the interest of fair play, I thought I would tell you give you the other side of the story. When our social media team asked the all important question, “how cold is it here in New Jersey?” we got some very Jersey centric answers. Leave it to New Jerseyans to have a one track mind when it comes to humor!

Did you ever doubt that the governor and his politics would figure prominently in their answers?

My favorites:

“How cold is it in NJ? It’s so cold that ...”

  1. Illegal immigrants no longer want to sanctuary here
  2. Murphy’s teeth are chattering so much they are down to regular size.
  3. Even Christie is staying off the beach
  4. I accidentally keyed someone’s car with my nipples.
  5. Murphy has his hands in his own pockets.
  6. Transgender surgery is now free... just stand outside for 5 minutes and your genitals fall off. ....
  7. Murphy checked into hell early
  8. They are going to tax the icicles to pay for all the brine.
  9. Ice filled in all of the potholes
  10. Phil Murphys facial expressions seem normal

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