"This is a time such as history has never seen," Jim Gearhart says in the latest edition of the Jim Gearhart Show Podcast.

Two of the largest, most powerful bodies in the world are "approaching their last gasp. And they're heading irrevocably toward doom, like giant dying stars," Jim says in the podcast, available every Thursday on iTunes, Google Play and the New Jersey 101.5 app.

And when stars die -- "all hell breaks loose in the universe."

Those two institutions? American culture and Christianity. Both are dying by their own hands, Jim says.

"It's a cultural necrosis ... being eaten away from the inside," Jim laments.

We've gotten to a point where people are ashamed to admit their Christianity — not because there's anything wrong with the tenants or core beliefs, but because of the way it's been bastardized and delegitimized by those who claim to speak in its name, Jim says.

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