Do you remember any of Viki Knox's 15 minutes of fame? She was the Union High School teacher who has a major problem with gays and lesbians. It was back in 2011 that her Facebook postings came to light, calling homosexuality a "perverted sin" that "breeds like cancer."

"Why parade your unnatural immoral behaviors before the rest of us?"

Apparently she feels what's right is preaching from an alleged good Christian point of view how evil homosexuality is. What really set her off back then, other than homosexuality in and of itself, is that her school made a display recognizing Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Month. "It's still there. I'm pitching a fit."

For those who say hey, this was her private Facebook and a public school teacher ought to be able to write anything they want on their private Facebook's on their own town should be aware this was not the only point of concern. In the tenure charges that were ultimately filed against her, school officials say she emailed them accusing gay and lesbian teachers of "targeting young an impressionable student for indoctrination into alternative sexual lifestyles." That's not only blatant discrimination on her part directly in the workplace, it's a huge problem. Three times as many LGBT students say they do not feel safe at their schools. The suicide rate among LGBT students is by some estimates triple that of heterosexual students. At a time when gay marriage has become legal and society is trying to finally turn things around, people like Viki Knox have no business around our children.

The NJ Department of Education eventually decided to revoke her teaching certificates, and Knox appealed. A lawsuit she filed back in 2013 said officials violated her free speech and religious rights was settled quietly in September with a confidentiality agreement attached. She pushed for, and now the education department has accepted, only a three year suspension of her teaching certificates.

Should someone this filled with idiotic prejudice towards a group that will surely be among any student body she has contact with ever be allowed to teach again? You can argue just because her certificates will come back to her doesn't mean anyone will hire her. Is that even a chance worth taking? As far as I'm concerned this hateful woman has no business ever teaching in a New Jersey classroom. Tell us what you think. Take our poll. And feel free to explain your reasons in the comment section below.

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