There’s an extraordinary story out of the Woodbridge Animal Shelter involving an unlikely hero.

It started Thursday morning around 4 a.m. on Main Street near the QuickChek.

A car coming down the street in the dark had a window lowered and someone inside threw a live cat from the car right into the road, hurting it and traumatizing it.

This unspeakable act was witnessed by a homeless man outside the convenience store. A homeless guy who had every right to shrug it off. Every reason to cynically chalk it up to how unfair and cruel this world is. He certainly had his own problems to fret about.

Except he didn’t.

He scooped the stunned cat up. He cradled it. Calmed it down. Pet it. Didn’t let it wander off. This man apparently quickly formulated a plan to bring the young cat to the animal shelter, but he knew what time they opened and it was many hours away.

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So he stayed with the cat. Cared for it. Walked around town with it. At one point having only a few single dollars, the homeless man chose not to buy himself food but instead used it to buy cat food for the frightened creature.

Hours later when the shelter opened this homeless man was there. He explained what happened, and that he had no home to offer the cat. He handed over the animal so that it could receive proper veterinary care and hopefully find a loving home.

Heather Campione is the shelter’s director.

"By the time I put the cat in the carrier, he walked away, he left," she said. "I didn't even get any information from him other than what he told me he saw.”

A support arm of the shelter known as Woodbridge Animal Group put this story on their Facebook. One commenter wrote:

This just shows you the two sides of humanity, one has none and the other has more than enough," wrote one woman on the post. "Would gladly contribute for this wonderful human, keep us posted, and when this beautiful cat comes up for adoption.

As for Heather Campione, she says she hopes to find the homeless man to thank him. It sounds like others want to help him get on his feet.

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