It might be bad enough to have to live in public housing in Bayonne. Now imagine you also have to deal with a homeless guy using your hallway as his toilet.

Police say a 71 year old homeless man has been told repeatedly to stay away from 28 Avenue C but just wouldn't listen. On Sunday, police report they responded to yet another call to find he had defecated inside the building, smearing it on the first floor walls. He had just done the same thing three days earlier, police say. This is so nasty I can barely write it. It was on Jan. 10, police say, they found him sleeping on the floor after performing the act.

In both cases he was hit with charges of defiant trespass and criminal mischief, and issued a summons for defecating in public. I don't know what the penalty is for that last one, but this ought to be the prosecutor's No. 2 priority. This will no doubt clog the courts, strain the legal system, and the paperwork will be extensive. I don't care if the homeless guy was in a pinch. The prosecutor better not loaf around. This has everyone steamed. Hopefully this load will be lifted from the tenants' backs.

Perhaps there's a school superintendent job open for this guy when he gets out of jail?

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