Angelo Hayton never dreamed he'd be living in his car, but he was forced to leave the senior community where he lived with his family, taking care of his elderly mother, according to a GoFundMe fundraiser he's posted.

The Haytons, both on disability are living in the car, according to the GoFundMe.  Their children are staying with their other parents until they can figure something out, it says. It gets worse: While living in their car, they have been in and out of the hospital with dealing with a pulmonary embolism and pneumonia from living there, according to the campaign.

According to Hayton's GoFundMe page:

"My wife and I have been out of a place to live as of December 10th. We were living in a senior community to help take care of my elderly mother. The development went under new ownership and forced everyone who was under 55 out of the community with no time to make other housing arrangements. We are both on disability ourselves for medical issues and other than a few motel stays have been living in our car. Living out of a car isn't fun at all. We both are good people, who have fallen on extremely hard times. We have 2 children that are able to stay with the other parent, I couldn't imagine if the kids had to go through what we're going through right now. We've gone to Social Services and filled out all the applications and now we are waiting for them to process it, which I hear takes awhile. The weather is definitely not helping out, everyday it's getting colder and colder."

Hayton also suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta, which is a rare bone disease, the campaign says. He also has severe osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, according to the campaign.

New Jersey 101.5 has been contacted by a family member who disputes some claims by Angelo Hayton in the GoFundMe fundraiser described above. New Jersey 101.5 has not verified the claims made by Hayton or the family member. 

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