If you’ve ever wondered why you’re able to get groceries in New Jersey so easily , you should check out the “Founding Families” Supermarkets in New Jersey exhibit at Rutgers Alexanders Gallery '50 in New Brunswick. The exhibition runs through Aug 31, and you can see 9 display cases of photos, records, cans and boxes from the early days of the supermarket. You may even have a flashback to your mother or grandmother pulling the wagon which she filled with the grocery bags. It may be the most fun you’ve ever had before getting on the checking line.


It turns out the families that founded the early versions of Shop Rite, Foodtown, and Pathmark all have Jersey ties.  You may even see some of the products that you loved but have not been on the shelves for years.

What was your favorite supermarket growing up and what product do you miss the most?

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