Johnny Lombardi, AKA "Gemini," is a very funny comic musician who will do anything for his church, Mary Mother of God in Hillsborough.

With the church closed due to the shutdown, many in the neighborhood who benefit from the collections are forced to go hungry. Contrary to popular belief, the church collections do not buy golden chalices but help for the parishioners who are in need.

So Gemini, with the help from The Pastor Father John of Mary Mother of God Church, Mayor Doug Tomson, Administrator Anthony Ferra, Hillsborough Police, local teachers, local film maker Catz TV and actress Susan Lento, came up with an online family type show called "Studio At The Hill." The hope is, you'll visit, watch a few episodes, then contribute to their cause which is helping those in the neighborhood in need.

"I put this kids, crazy show together," Gemini said when he called into my show last Wednesday. "And the neighborhood, Steve they just backed it. Like they backed it as a neighborhood. The mayor got involved...we were just trying to get people to watch instead of going to see like a GoFundMe page type of thing, we put a little thing at the end if you wanna be part of this fund to help out in the neighborhood. 100% stays in the neighborhood, it's not to buy a palace or fix the flooring."

"The church alone has help over 70 families, numerous food cards, funeral after funeral, etc. etc. But when you watch the show, you are going to be proud."

Check out "Studio at the Hill here.

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