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Youth Crime Epidemic In NJ - FBI Office Sounds The Alarm

Law enforcement agencies have noticed a disturbing trend: underage kids are increasingly being used to steal cars in New Jersey.

FBI Newark Special Agent in Charge James Dennehy said juveniles are being exploited for their age.

“They are actively being targeted because of their juvenile status,” Dennehy told New Jersey 101.5 in a recent interview. “Because it’s safe from a law enforcement standpoint.”


Depressing! This Much Of Your Lifetime Wages Go To Taxes In New Jersey

We know taxes are steep in New Jersey — how much of a resident's lifetime wages go to paying them?

There are nine states that do not impose a state income tax, according to Investopedia: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.

As for property taxes, NJ has been infamously on the steep side for some time. Tax Foundation reports that residents of at least six counties pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation.


Crazy Knife Attack: NJ Commuter Stabbed 10 Times At NYC Bus Terminal

A Boonton father of three adult children who celebrates his 66th birthday on Tuesday is recovering after being stabbed 10 times at the Port Authority bus terminal Monday, according to a report by the New York Post.

A Port Authority spokesperson told New Jersey 101.5 that police saw a man stabbed at the Midtown Bus Terminal north subway mezzanine level around 5:40 a.m.

Michael McCloskey, 42, a resident of California was immediately arrested by police.

McCloskey was charged with attempted murder, first-degree assault and possession of a weapon.


Important Deadline Nears For NJ Student Loan Borrowers

Student loan borrowers with privately held Federal Family Education Loan Program loans are encouraged to consolidate their loans for the April 30 deadline to be part of a federal loan forgiveness program.

The U.S. Department of Education is conducting a payment count adjustment to help correct past errors in student loan servicing that prevented some payments from counting toward forgiveness.

The department is contacting eligible borrowers via email to alert them of the April 30th deadline based on contact information for individuals with FFEL loans provided by loan officers.

More than 72,000 individuals will be contacted about the debt relief opportunity.


Should New Jersey Consider A Bottle Deposit System To Increase Recycling?

Your can of soda or bottle of water may inform you that returning the container to a proper facility can make you 5 or 10 cents richer.

That option is only available in select states, and an ongoing debate is whether New Jersey should join this list.

There's been a handful of unsuccessful attempts to pass a so-called "bottle bill" in the Garden State.

The debate was ignited once again on Monday during a New Jersey Legislature hearing about plastic pollution. Sen. Bob Smith, D-Middlesex, chair of the Senate Environment and Energy Committee, floated the idea, nothing that some states with plastic bottle deposit programs in place have recycling rates that are much higher than New Jersey's.

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States with best and worst lifetime tax burden

Here's a look at U.S. states with the lowest lifetime tax burden and the highest, as analyzed by Self Financial — and just where New Jersey ranks, nationwide.

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