Vernon Township schools have cancelled spring break and will have students attending classes until the last week of June because of all the time off for snow days!! Granted, the schools have been closed a lot.

The schools had to cancel classes for a 12th time on Tuesday, had to close for three days last week, three days in February and three days in January as well as one day in December.

But I have a theory that I think could possibly be the solution to canceling vacations and lengthening the school year. How about we stop mandating a certain amount of days in the school calendar? I know that New Jersey law says 180 days or whatever but what about kids who can do just as well with less actual time spent on campus?

If you can do as well in school and still get good grades being there only say, 70 days a year or even 40 days a year, why the insistence on this arbitrary number? Trust me—the extra days off are not going to make a difference to truly dedicated and committed students.

So give them the break that they need. In order to do this, though, you’re going to have to do something that modern public education doesn’t really do that well: Think outside the box!

Modify the classes a little bit to cram a little more in. Or throw out some of the stuff that they don’t need to learn anyway (And we all know there’s a lot of THAT!!) You could also, hear me out on this one, allow the kids to catch up on their own.

After all, why should good students have to suffer because mother nature didn’t happen to smile on them this year?

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