It’s happening again, folks. It seems like only yesterday when the one thing we had going for us here in the state of New Jersey, our low gas tax, was raised amid desperate pleas from already choked New Jerseyans to leave it the way it was. It’s hard to believe that one of the most unpopular increases in recent memory is being lauded by your governor as a courageous act.

That is truly an insult. And you got to give him one thing: He has b***s for actually even saying that out loud. Because we are not stupid. And when you live in New Jersey long enough, you’re no longer naïve either. So the excuse that the money is necessary for the transportation trust fund to truss up infrastructure is just that — an excuse. The transportation trust fund will never be solvent and the governor knows this. Not only that, but the money allegedly earmarked from the gas tax will never see one iota of infrastructure build up. And he knows this, too.

The onerous tax hikes and spending that this governor has either already implemented or is promising to implement in the future are a sure way of growing his beloved state government and shrinking our wallets. Treasury officials will review gasoline sales in August, and if they adjust the gas tax, it will take effect Oct. 1.

Regarding raising the gas tax again, Gov. Murphy was quoted as saying: “You have to stand up at some point; you have to do things that aren’t necessarily going to win you a lot of hosannas.” You have to stand up at SOME point??? He’s done nothing but stand up and announce other ways to screw us since the day he got into office. Most of us are hoping that he will finally figure out a way to finally SIT DOWN (and shut up.)

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