Once a major player in the New Jersey retail scene, Circuit City is getting back into the sales business — but don't expect its stores to line Garden State highways just yet.

It has been about nine years since the company announced it was going under — taking 17 New Jersey stores with it. Two others closed the year before. But now, Circuit City has announced it will be coming back, first as a new online service and then opening showrooms across the country.

The company's website describes it as "a new agenda of enhancing shopping experiences with cutting-edge technology."

The announcement came at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where CEO Ronny Shmoel rolled out the brand's plans for the near and distant future. In an article on TWICE.com, Shmoel said the online approach the company is starting with will "allow the products to find the consumers. Circuit City is teaming with IBM's Watson platform to increase the user experience.

Shmoel said the company will sell everything from audio-visual equipment to gaming items and small appliances, according to TWICE. The relaunch is expected to start on Feb. 15.

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