Rush-hour traffic can be very stressful whether it’s morning or afternoon.

In the morning you have the pressure of making sure you’re not late for work and in the afternoon, you just want to get home!

Driving home the other day I came up to the T intersection.

The light was red, but the right turn arrow was green.

I was the fourth car in line. I let my foot off the break because I assumed the idiots were going to move.

But the lead idiots out there were either on their phone or oblivious to the fact that a green right-turn arrow means you can go!


And the only direction to go was a right turn since we were at a T intersection.

Everyone sat there like little idiots waiting for the lead idiot to eventually get it.

Well, I was the impatient and apparently awake driver four cars back and leaned on my horn steadily for about at least five seconds.

If I’m right behind the person I give them the quick toot-toot beep but four cars back I had to lean on that sucker.

They got the message and proceeded before the green light arrow turns yellow then red.

On the RARE occasion that I'm not paying attention, and someone beeps at me, I give them a friendly, thank you wave and proceed.

Some people are not as gracious and get angry when beeped at.

Then pay attention! I’m not a huge advocate for abusing the horn but it’s there for a reason.

It can help you avoid an accident and it can wake up idiots.

Look in your car's is manual, and you’ll see the second reason listed is to wake up idiots.

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