Apparently, some actual overseas employees of a major cable company are looking to scam customers of that company.

According to people on the NextDoor app, the employees are pulling up your account info while at work and calling you from their personal cell phone using a spoofed number.

They then offer you a so-called “great one-time” deal for 50% off your monthly bill for up to a year.

Sounds great but then they request that you use Venmo, Zelle, or Western Union to send them money upfront to lock in the savings. People say they are high pressure, stating it’s a limited offer and will even offer you an additional special discount.

Don’t fall for it as it’s an overseas cable company employee scam. One clue is that the number is often strange and not in our area code.


It's a good idea not to answer it even if your phone shows the name of the cable company. If it's an important call from the cable company or anyone you need to speak to, they will leave a message.

One of my neighbors made the mistake of answering and now they call her over a dozen times a day 24/7. Even after she blocked the number, they just changed the SIM card on their phone that changes the number so they can call again.

They even threaten to shut your services off if you don’t pay. Always check with any company you do business with on your own by calling them.

Unsolicited calls are usually a scam and the scammers are getting cleverer and more persistent. If you do happen to answer and you're presented with a deal that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The best thing to do is to hang up and call them on your own.

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