Do you know how millionaires become millionaires? They don't leave any money on the table, that's how. That's why I have no problem that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is taking his full $175,000 salary even though he's a multimillionaire.

While there are many things I disagree with the Governor on, this is definitely not one of them. Running a state as complex as New Jersey is a full time job and the person doing it is totally entitled to whatever it pays. I'm surprised that they can find someone to do it at that price. Who among us would take on a job of that magnitude for nothing?

When Jon Corzine the last Goldman Sachs alum to govern our state did the job, he took a salary of $1 dollar per year. The only thing I can say to that is you get what you pay for.

If you think that not taking any salary will build good will among the people, think again. President Trump isn't taking a salary to run the country. How's that "good will" working out for him?!

So when it comes to Phil Murphy taking the full $175,000 salary, I say take the money and I hope he earns it by doing right by us.

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