It's very difficult as a die hard Giants fan to write an article discussing why we should root for the Eagles to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl next Sunday. But after careful thought and meditation, here are the reasons why I think we should do it.

First off, despite the Patriots' Big Game success, it's harder for teams to defend the Super Bowl than it is to strive for it. Especially when that team has spent the last 58 years striving.

When the Giants won in '86, they didn't even make the playoffs in the strike shortened '87 season. It was the same when they won on '90. In 2008, they were going strong until Plaxico Burress accidentally shot himself in the leg and the team went on to shoot themselves in the foot losing their playoff game, which they were hosting, 23-11 to the Eagles. Those same Eagles I'm telling you to root for. They also didn't make the playoffs in 2012 after winning the Super Bowl earlier that year.

As for the Giants being the only team to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, we can take comfort in the fact that they did it when Brady was younger. The Eagles will be beating 40 year old Tom Brady on a team that's about to break up their coaching staff.

Last but not least, this Eagles team is so different from past teams. They're fun to root for. Lots of back stories like Nick Foles taking over for their injured franchise QB Carson Wentz and playing lights out. Giants fans can relate that to Jeff Hostetler taking over for the injured Phil Simms in 1990 and leading his team to Super Bowl glory. Then there's Lane Johnson offering to buy you a beer if the Eagles win and Bud Light backing him up.

The Eagles are a fun wild bunch who played Sunday like they could beat the Vikings in the parking lot outside after the game. By the way, there were only six arrests in that lot and the city, which really says something for Philadelphia fans. Would you rather root for them or the smug ho hum yawn of a Patriots team with a quarterback who expects to win it all because that's just the way it's supposed to be?

The Patriots act like it's divine right that they win, yet the Eagles players are constantly invoking Jesus and giving all glory to God. Then there's the fact that the Eagles are underdogs, which they've been all through this run and you know how they react when that happens.

Now rooting for the Eagles for even one game could be hard on Giants fans I know it will be on me but when it's over we can go back to Big Blue knowing that the Lombardi Trophy is safe and secure in the NFC East. Then we can concentrate on getting

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