This Super Bowl really sucks if you're a Giants or Jets fan.

As a Giants fan who covered the Eagles for 15 years in Philadelphia, I was so hoping that the Vikings would win the NFC Championship Game at the Lincoln Financial Field or at least that the Minnesota offense would look good since Big Blue is going to hire Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur to be their new head coach Tuesday.

Instead the Minnesota offense,as well as their vaunted defense was destroyed by the Eagles 38-7. The game truly wasn't as close as the score indicated. The government  shutdown is nothing compared to what the Eagles defense did to Pat Shurmur's Viking offense. I should have known the Vikings would fold because that;s what they do in Championship games. I was at the 2000 NFC Championship game where the Giants crushed them 41-0 to face the Ravens in the Big Game. We don't need to rehash what happened in that one do we?

So now this Giants fan who has sat in a dunk tank at Lincoln Financial Field wearing a Plaxico Burress jersey and worn a dress through the streets of Philadelphia after losing a bets on Giants-Eagles games mustt watch the birds once again try to win a Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. The only comfort I can take is that the Giants did twice beat the Pats in Super Bowls so even if the Eagles win, we're still ahead.

It would be so easy to root against the Eagles in this game but they're really are a bunch of good guys who are hard not to root for. So many great back stories like quarterback Carson Wentz their leader who was lost for the season against the Rams shaking hands with the fans after winning the NFC Championship.

Lane Johnson offering to buy everyone a beer if they win it all.

Lane Johnson says he has a buzz on and is headed to Party with Eagles fans in the city!

He had said if Eagles win the Super Bowl he will buy everybody in the city Bud lights. Then Bud Light tweeted that they would cover it!

Still a deal.

They have instilled a family-like relationship with not only themselves but they're fans as well. FYI Despite what you may have heard or seen, arrests were surprisingly low in Philadelphia. Maybe it was the greased poles they couldn't climb, or maybe it was that feeling that this celebration is too good to screw up.

Then there are the Patriots who just seem to win any Super Bowl they're in except when they play the Giants. Jacksonville gave them everything they had in the AFC Championship game but when all was said and done, it was the Patriots once again going to the Big Game.

Who would you like to see at the winning podium after the game? Tom Brady looking pretty, or Nick Foles with a story of redemption for only for himself but for a city long overdue.

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