Several days ago we took a call from Terry Beck. She's one of three women who are launching a recall effort to get Gov. Phil Murphy out of office. She along with Patty Hoch and former gubernatorial candidate Monica Bronson say they've filed the paperwork in Trenton to get a petition going. When Beck called our show, she told us by Wednesday night the petition should have been ready in a PDF that people could print out, begin collecting signatures then mail in. The wheels in Trenton are turning slower than anticipated according to the group. As I write this there's still no petition ready to print, but a recall Phil Murphy page has been set up on Facebook.

As soon as the petition is available they plan on having it up to print out and sign on the official Recall Governor Phil Murphy Facebook page which you can access here.

Many of our listeners have been interested in where they can get their hands on a petition so I just wanted to give an update. Terry also says you can check in on her personal Facebook page.

If you're interested I would check back in a few times a day. They say it should be available soon. In the meantime, you should know it's a tough putt. They need about 1,500,000 signatures. Any recall effort of an elected official in New Jersey requires 25% of the registered voters in that district to sign a petition. In the case of a governor, that's the entire state, thus all those signatures are needed. In the case of a recall effort of a governor they will have 320 days to gather those signatures. Then a recall election is held in which Phil Murphy could still manage to win and remain in office. Can they do it? Stay tuned.

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