There are a few stories about how the birth of Rock and Roll came about. Many say that it was Little Richard or Fats Domino, some say that it was Elvis who was responsible for the introduction of Rock and Roll.

Most of us are aware that it was DJ Alan Freed that was responsible for the exposure that Rock and Roll would receive and for coining the term “Rock and Roll.” That’s half the story. Alan Freed although from Pennsylvania and now working in Ohio had a passion for rhythm, soul and blues music that was prevalent in the south. The very first song that made an impact and worthy of the label of Rock and Roll was a rhythm and blues hit from Louisiana’s own Lloyd Price in 1952 called Lawdy Miss Clawdy.

Lloyd wrote that song and solicited the help of Fats Domino to be on the song. This song created the awareness of the New Orleans sound and once Freed heard it, he it played every hour, all day, every day. That hit song was the first rock and roll song to sell over 1 million records. A feat that was unheard of at the time. From that Lloyd Price hit, Elvis recorded it in 1958 and it sold millions of copies.

I had Lloyd Price on my Variety Show this past week in Seaside Heights. I also had him a couple of years ago on my TV show and I remain in awe of his talent and of course his “Personality.”

The man is 85 and is still going strong. His stories are endless and music is timeless he’s got a new CD that is out, his book The True King of the Fifties, The Lloyd Price Story is being adapted into a musical. Lloyd Price is the true father of Rock and Roll, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. He should have been inducted in the inaugural class of 1988. After all, he started it!

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